Litigation PR

Employing the right litigation PR strategy can provide a distinct advantage, influencing both the case itself and the accompanied publicity.

For effective communication and a nuanced understanding of the legal proceedings, you require proficient PR assistance from a team well-versed in the intricacies of the court process, equipped with extensive media connections.

Litigation PR experts

We assess the optimal strategy for each case.

We work with barristers and solicitors on their litigation PR plans.

Our PR plans help:

  • Safeguard your client’s reputation.

  • Enhance your professional standing.

  • Raise awareness.

  • Empower your client’s voice.

  • Encourage public support.

What you’ll get with Lexbloom

Complete transparency of how the media will interpret your case.

Crafting impactful content for the media as well as extracting witness statements and judgements.

An honest fee arrangement.

Adherence to sib judice regulations and contempt of court rules.

What is Litigation PR ​

Litigation PR is the practice of managing communication and PR strategies to specifically related to legal cases and disputes.

It shapes the narrative surrounding legal proceedings, managing public perception and influencing media coverage to benefit the legal strategy and the client’s reputation.

PR and Litigation Strategy

By blending a communications and litigation strategy, the client’s reputation can be shielded along with having optimal chances of achieving a successful conclusion.

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